Windows Vista : 5 reasons to hate, 5 reasons to love

The upcoming Windows Vista is, as every Windows product does, dividing the world. Some say it will be an improvement, some say it will add nothing major. As I wanted to make my own opinion, but in the end could not really decide whether I should like or dislike it, here are 5 reasons to love it, and another 5 reasons to hate it !

Love it

  • Improved system security, stability and performance. But of course, they’re not going to say “hey our next OS is slower”.
  • Removal of “My” prefix for document folders. Honestly, it sucked.
  • Transactional NTFS. A power failure will not corrupt your bittorent downloads Excel charts.
  • Aero, the new graphical interface, and Flip 3D. It’s prettier (info“). Or at least it’s more fun :)
  • Deployment easier than before. Maybe reinstalling will be a breeze.

Hate it

  • Vista’s new features don’t add up to a compelling upgrade. All eye candy but nothing really new under the hoods ?
  • More Service Packs. We all know it, “Microsoft” and “flaws” go together well.
  • No old hardware. Eye candy has a cost, obviously.
  • Compatibility. Vista will confront business users for the first time in a long while with major backward-compatibility issues.
  • Cost. Why pay if there is nothing really new ?

All in all, I guess I’ll keep my Windows 2000 for a while :)

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