Top ten reasons to leave your job

AOL reports an interesting study on the top 10 reasons why workers decide to leave their job. Of course, salary is one of the top ranked reason, but a few “affective” topics are involved as well, proving that succesful management and employee motivation is not just a question of raw money.

  • Inadequate Compensation (57.2%)
    Compensation below the market average, or lack of annual increases
  • Inadequate Opportunities for Career Advancement (37.3%)
    Dangling the ‘carrot’ for too long as a demotivator
  • Insufficient Recognition or Appreciation (34.2%)
    Cash or gift certificates, or even just a pat on the back, employees lack recognition.
  • Boredom (20.1%)
    When employees just waste their time, or their company’s time.
  • Inadequate Benefits (16.9%)
    Insufficent basic medical coverage and healthcare program
  • Inadequate Opportunities for Professional Development (15.3%)
    People are finding themselves too experienced for any further promotion in their company.
  • Insufficient Job Security (11.8%)
    Fear of outsourcing, which shows employees lacking confidence in upper management’s ability to save their company.
  • Undesirable Impact on Health or Stress Level (10.5%)
    Overall health and stress level being affected by hard working long hours.
  • Poor Relations with Management (10%)
    Incompetent, clueless, overcompensated, abusive, hostile or predatory boss. What fun !
  • Undesirable Commute (9%)
    Gas vs Salary is becoming an issue for more and more.

All in all, a pretty informative study, which should be a good read if you actually manage people.

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