The top 10 things you will do with Photoshop CS3

I’m not a graphic designer, I’m just a blogger and amateur photographer, but still, over the years Photoshop has become a tool I couldn’t live without. I started to use it back when it was version 4 or 5, and now Adobe is preparing to ship the latest version, Photoshop CS3. What new killer features will this version bring ?

  1. “Bridging” the gap: keep tabs on all your pics through labels, ratings, file type.
  2. Vanishing Point 2: make those cool mock-ups of product packaging
  3. Truly black and white images: change the tones within the image based on their original colour values
  4. Printing made easier: simple menu items and commands all offered in one window
  5. Cloning and healing: the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools are improved with a palette
  6. The Quick Selection tool: like a magic wand, but smarter. Drag it over your ex boyfriend and watch it wrap itself around his body. Easy removal !
  7. Smart Filters: experiment with filters on an image without destroying it in the process
  8. Bringing out the landmarks: make the unwanted bystanders on your panorama disappear!
  9. Auto-Align Images: perfectly overlapping pictures
  10. Auto-Blend Images: Use Auto-Align to place the multiple images together. Then execute Auto-Blend
  11. Read more detail about those cool 10 features here !

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