Secrets for happiness

Let’s have some Google fun : according to its all seeing eye, what is happiness ? How to define and describe happiness ? Answers ! Happiness is …

  • Happiness Is a Choice
    Definitely. Or probably. It’s just that you wish you could always make it :)
  • Happiness Is a Serious Problem
    I’m confused. Who is talking here ? A psy afraid for his business ?
    ROCK AND ROLL ! :)
  • Happiness is like finding yourself
    That’s pretty much the key of happiness indeed. Feeling in harmony with yourself.
  • Happiness is Being Owned by Cats
    Who cannot be happy when petting a warm little furry thing ?
  • Happiness is liking what you do as well as doing what you like
    This surely sounds like the ideal job, for instance.
  • Happiness Is the Best Medicine
    This is soooo true. Problems can always be reconsidered under different perspectives when you are happy.

I’m quite impressed, I thought my search would return more fun and incoherent answer. Overall, this almost makes a quick guide to happiness, if you skip the angry psychiatrist’s definition :)

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One Response to “Secrets for happiness”

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    Lionel Says:

    Happiness is not a destination,it’s way of travelling!!!
    That my beuatifull people is happiness.