Lower your energy and electricity bills

Having lunch today with friends, we have been discussing a bit at how painful some bills can be to your wallet, especially when it comes to energy consumption. We’ve gathered a few smart and good sense tips to help reduce our energy and electricity charges, and save our money.

  • Switch off lights when leaving a room.
    So obvious, but who really pays attention all the time ?
  • Turn a light on only when you really need it.
    During day it’s often more a habit than a need
  • Turn devices off, not on “stand by” mode.
    Little consumptions can sum up to something great with all these modern appliances
  • Close off unused rooms or areas in your home.
    Don’t waste energy heating (or cooling) them.
  • Take showers instead of baths.
    This reduce the amount of hot water used in a factor of 5 to 10
  • Replace traditionnal light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
    They are saving energy and last longer so you replace them less often
  • Lower the temperature when leaving for the day
    A few degrees have a real impact on the amount of energy consumed and a room can be warmed back quickly
  • Wear sweat shirts instead of heating more.
    Sure, living in tee-shirts is comfortable, but why not taking it easier on the heater ?
  • Clean the lint tray on your cloths dryer after every use.
    After every use. Don’t let your dryer get asthmatic
  • Use air drying when possible
    This will save significant amounts of energy and money

Overall, no rocket science here (hey, we were just girls having a lunch after all :) but true good sense that can make things better for your wallet and the planet.

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