Laptop battery life improvements

Infuriated by your laptop battery signal flashing through the screen ? So am I. Via Digg I found a nice article gathering tips on how to save and extend your laptop battery life.

  • Power down all nonessential functions. Especially network cards.
  • Moderate Screen Brightness. Too bright sucks battery down.
  • Turn off Monitor. Let the laptop turn it off after one or two minutes idle
  • Don’t listen to music. No background music (on shitty speakers, moreover). Use your iPod instead
  • Avoid plugging in accessories. Wireless mouse, mp3 players, useless USB stuff.
  • Don’t multi-task. This can be hard, but heavier processor load drains battery
  • Keep it cool. The less built-in fans will run, the less battery will be used by them.
  • Empty the tank and refill it. After a long period unused
  • Put your laptop to sleep whenever you’re not using it
  • Configure before it’s needed. Before a trip and while being connected, configure your system in its energy-saving settings. Do it before the battery warning is on.

Read the whole guide here.

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