Google PageRank : from PR0 to PR3 in 3 weeks

As predicted a week ago, a Google Pagerank update has been recorded these last days.

In 3 weeks, it seems I’ve managed to avoid the 2 main obstacles a new webmaster can be afraid of : having a brand new domain sent to the Sandbox (i.e. not appearing in Google’s index for about 6 months) and then being affected by the Aging Delay (search results pages not showing your site for a few months again).

This site, created just 3 weeks ago, went from PR0 to PR3. Since day 10, I’ve been sent referral hits from Google. And this site even appears in top results for a few queries.

Luck ? Luck, with no doubt. And probably a few other sensible recipes :

Disclaimer : I am not pretending that what follows is the key to being Googled properly. There may even be useful tricks and other ones with no impact, I cannot weight their efficiency. I’m just listing what I’ve been doing and what, well, has been working fine :)

Step one : make your site Google friendly

  • Avoid webhosts that park your domain on link farms while you build content
    Example ? Any domain found on searches like parked free GoDaddy. While there has not been to my knowledge any official word from Google about such pages, a widespread feeling is that these link farms are your best bet for a Google quarantine.
    Make sure you chose the right host. I’ll recommend mine : DreamHost (affiliate link) if you have serious needs and tight budgets.
  • Build a few pages before submitting your site to Google
    Before asking for inclusion (Add your URL to Google) be sure to build a few pages. Again, it’s pure speculation, but word is that Google doesn’t like empty domains, and brand new domains with dozens of pages already (which may look like suspicious spam content).
    I’ve submitted my domain to Google once I had written about 10 pages.
  • Use Google’s Sitemap
    Google has introduced a simple XML sitemap file protocol for better crawling and indexing. Create one for your site.
    If you are a happy WordPress user, this is a painless breeze : the Google Sitemap Generator creates and updates your sitemap everytime you write a post, and then notifies Google about it.
  • Run Adsense ?
    I wouldn’t bet my money on it, but maybe running Adsense is a safe extra if you want to welcome the Googlebot. Everybody guesses that Google’s interest is in showing up their Adsense, hence sites that run them, in search results pages.

At this point, my blog was indexed in Google after 6 days, and I started to welcome visitors from Google search results 4 days later.

Step 2 : get some links pointing at you

In order to get better positionning in search result pages, you need to gain “authority”, which looks like PageRank from a Google’s point of view. To do so, you need to get a few incoming links.

  • Write some good content
    Well, no rocket science again, just common sense : if you write something interesting and rather unique, people and websites will mention it. For example, my Chitika Tips, Tricks and Hacking Guide is a good article, and gained some momentum.
  • Submit your referrers to Google
    That’s a smart one. If you notice incoming links from a page, be sure Google knows about this page. To do so, on another website which is frequently crawled by the Googlebot, I’ve simply put up a list of links to these pages. The page itself has no real interest but being crawled.
  • Recycle unused PageRank
    This is getting a bit surreptitious and I really don’t know the impact the following trick had. On another old website I have, a no longer used directory with a few pages had a PR of 4. I’ve moved the pages here on this site, and added a permanent redirect rule from the old pages to this new domain. Then, again to be sure Google knows about this, I’ve added the old URL to my link list as previously described, so that the Googlebot would be aware of the redirection.

All this is probably very basic Search Engine Optimization. I’m not an SEO expert at all :) Anyway, I really have the feeling that my listing on Google has been quickly better than what I anticipated. So I just wanted to share a few tips, let me know if this helps :)

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    Marc Says:

    Great tips. To counter the sandbox, I’d also go look for strong .EDU links :)