Furniture and design tips : redesign your home… with things you already have

Redesigning and re-arranging your home for a refreshing change is not always a matter of new furniture, new paint, new stuff. Here are some tips for a home interior makeover, with things you already have.

  • Furniture should not hug the walls
    Don’t waste space in the middle of rooms, create more little spaces that are activity centered : reading, watching TV, chatting…
  • Take advantage of architectural features
    Pay attention to windows, shelves, fireplaces, doors and lanes. For example, place a couch so that it gives a view out the window.
  • Draw attention to a focal point
    Pick a focal point and draw attention to it : window, painting, etc… Place furniture and lightning so that it really seems to be the center of the room.
  • Create intimate area
    When placing furniture, create a cozy area for conversation. This helps communicate while feeling more comfortable
  • Balance the size and scale of your furniture
    Pay attention to how pieces of furniture interact with each other. Vertical and horizontal balance are good design rules. For example, large or tall pieces of furnitures should be balanced from one side of the room to another, and not gathered in a corner.
  • Create adequate lighting
    Mix natural light and lamps to create an ambiance that suits the mood of the place : reading, chatting, dining…
  • Hang mirrors
    Use mirrors to reflect something beautiful such as a window, or enhance the light and size of a room.
  • Mix textures
    Use furnishings that look and feel different : a wool throw on a leather couch for example. This creates personality and character.
  • The room reflects your personality
    It shows your personality, hobbies and interests. It’s important :)


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One Response to “Furniture and design tips : redesign your home… with things you already have”

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    Jimmy C Says:

    I think the idea of creating intimate area is a very over-looked theme.