Beginner’s guide to burning DVD’s

A colleague of mine asked me to help her chose a DVD burner, because she had the feeling that burning DVD‘s would be a tedious and hard-to-figure task, and that I may show her the easiest product. I declined, because I’m not hardware savvy enough to give someone good buying tips, but instead I’ve pointed her to a friendly guide to painless burning DVD‘s :

  • Use reliable media.
    No too cheap discs.
  • Examine every disc.
    Especially if you are of the messy kind, check the surface for scratches before burning it.
  • Keep things clean
    Again a tip for the messy. A clean desktop in a clean room is the best way to keep your hardware clean and physical error free
  • Choose your software wisely.
    Some software have friendly user interface with limited options. Pick the one that makes you comfortable.
  • Update your software
    From time to time, check its website for updates and fixes.
  • Close other programs
    Avoid making your hard-disk swap and write while burning. Close other applications and have a coffee :)
  • There is no rush
    If unsure with your hardware or disc, and you have time, burn at slower speed. This grantly improves reliability.
  • Label carefully
    No sticker, no hard pen, just soft markers. Discs are fragile !

This check-list is almost a guarantee of painless and error-free DVD burning.

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