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Laptop battery life improvements

Infuriated by your laptop battery signal flashing through the screen ? So am I. Via Digg I found a nice article gathering tips on how to save and extend your laptop battery life.

Ebay method : 13 tips to profit

GetRichSlowly has an interesting list of 13 tips (yes, why always make them 10 after all ?) to more profitable auction on Ebay. Learned from solid seller experience, these thirteen selling tips are :

Google PageRank : from PR0 to PR3 in 3 weeks

PR update : from 0 to 3 in 3 weeks. Not bad heh ?

More Chitika tips and tricks

Customize more, earn more.

Body language tips : things to avoid

Things to avoid and their meaning

Lower your energy and electricity bills

Good tips to lower your energy bills