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12 reasons for a budget

There is an interesting article on about budget, budgeting, and how it can improve your life. As usual, sound advices, but these are the kind of advices one need to hear again from time to time. So, why Budget again? Here are twelve good reasons:

Let’s go to Cozumel, Mexico !

Disclosure: The following post is a paid review. I declined a few paid review proposals over the past few weeks, because of lack of interest in the product, but this time I can’t miss it, since I’m exactly in the middle of planning my summer holidays, and I’ll probably go for some scuba diving to […]

The top 10 things you will do with Photoshop CS3

I’m not a graphic designer, I’m just a blogger and amateur photographer, but still, over the years Photoshop has become a tool I couldn’t live without. I started to use it back when it was version 4 or 5, and now Adobe is preparing to ship the latest version, Photoshop CS3. What new killer features […]