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10 things in Golf that sound… Dirty !

From a email I’ve received today, here is something completely unproductive, useless, futile, yet rather funny : ten things you can say when playing Golf, that sound way too dirty to be true. Didn’t know Golf was that kind of sport :)

Five tips for chose your first musical instrument

Guitar ? Piano ? Violin ? Strings ? Percussion ? Chosing the first musical instrument, for you or your child, can be a time consuming and headache generating experience. Here are 5 tips to help you chose the right musical instrument.

Pet care : 10 cold weather tips

Winter ! Snow, wind, and the world is freezing. Sometimes, we just forget about our little friends and what we can do to protect our dogs and cats from the cold weather. Here are ten easy and sensible tips for them :

100 things we did not know last year

From the BBC News, there’s a fun and quite lengthy list of 100 things the world has learnt this year. Some are futile, some are scientific, judge by yourself :

Five tips for resumes when you had only one employer

When you’ve worked at only one employer for your whole career, writing a resume that wins interviews may be no easy task. The reason: recruiters may take a dim view of your single-company job history, seeing a lack of opportunity taking. Here are 5 tips to organize your one company resume.

5 tips to leave an employer

Driving your career to its best may imply that one day or another, you will have to leave your employer. Be careful: what happens during that transition could make or break your career reputation. So, here are five smart tips that will keep your reputation bright.