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A very good Ebay FAQ

There is a brilliant collection of frequently asked questions concerning Ebay and selling sites over at Cribnotes. Every question every seller has wondered once is answered with smart comments and suggestions. Those questions are :

Ebay method : 13 tips to profit

GetRichSlowly has an interesting list of 13 tips (yes, why always make them 10 after all ?) to more profitable auction on Ebay. Learned from solid seller experience, these thirteen selling tips are :

10 selling tips for online auction and Ebay

Successful selling on Ebay and other online auction sites is no matter of luck : simple and basic discipline is the key to the path of happy customers and happy sellers. When selling your next item, check out this 10 simple advices :

10 budgeting tips that make a good budget

Budgeting : everybody does or wants to do it. But it’s not as easy as it may sound. Is your budget realistic? What makes a good budget ? has 10 wise tips that will tell you if you’re on track and if your budget is a good budget : Categories that fit your personal […]

Top 5 Items Not to Sell on Ebay

There is a funny post over at Collegev2 listing items that don’t sell well on eBay, for various, sometimes obvious and sometimes sneaky, reasons. Would you guess them all ?