20 How-To’s for everyday

Neat article from the Independent : they gathered no less than “20 things everyone needs to know”. What does everyone need to know, you may ask? What are those 20 most important things to learn ?

  • How To Change A Tyre
  • How To Sleep
  • How To Build A Fire
  • How To Shine Shoes
  • How To Make A Martini
  • How To Apply Lipstick
  • How To Negotiate
  • How To Scramble Eggs
  • How To Hang A Picture
  • How To Ask For A Rise Or Promotion
  • How To Use Chopsticks
  • How To Iron A Shirt
  • How To Shave
  • How To Hit A Tennis Ball
  • How To Listen
  • How To Ask Someone Out
  • How To Learn A Foreign Language
  • How To Shake Hands
  • How To Buy A Diamond
  • How To Conduct A Background Investigation

Every How-to is a short and clever check list, each topic covered by an expert : Donald Trump for negociation, Jennifer Capriati for the tennis trick, and so on. All in all, not as superficial as you would expect, and well worth a read if any topic is your cup of tea.
Read it : original article (need subscription) or mirror (no subscription, don’t know how long it’ll last)

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