10 things that make a great color picker

I recently got my hands on a neat piece of software, and I want it to share what makes, in my opinion, a useful and powerful color picker.

  1. AdesClrPicker is tiny: runs smooth even on your old Pentium II, because it only weights 1.04 MB
  2. It’s fast: it was programmed in Delphi, which is noticeably known for making compact and fast applications. More then, say… Visual Basic.
  3. It’s discreet: your already very busy desktop doesn’t need another window open. AdesClrPicker sits in the systray and all the space it needs is just its tiny icon. Activate
  4. It’s versatile: whatever you need it for, it will do the job, since it picks colors in HTML, RGB, Delphi, C++ or VB codes
  5. It’s handy: when a webmaster wants to quickly add in a page an item with a text color that matches the site’s color scheme, what are their options ? Fire the hefty Photoshop for a screenshot then get the picker tool. Or remember that just one click away, there’s a handy and fast tool ready to help you in a blink Preview
  6. It’s convenient: webmasters will like the ability to store your favorite and most used colors in libraries.
  7. It’s compatible: AdesClrPicker supports ACT and ACO formats for exporting colors to Adobe Photoshop
  8. It’s friendly: when you start the software for the first time, intuitive tooltips make it easy to get with the features quickly.
  9. It’s powerful: you can zoom in a window to make it easy to select the most detailed colors, you can use hotkey to capture colors. Pick color the way you want it
  10. It knows Colors: you can pick colors for sure, but also can tweak Hue, Saturation and Brightness with sliders for modifying the colors in Color Library

Doesn’t this sound neat ? I told you: this is a great color picker.

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