T.T.T.T : Top Ten Telephone Tips

While searching for something related to my latest phone bill, I’ve come accross an interesting list of tips. At first I went “oh my, another fine spam page” but after checking closely, I have to admit this is nothing but good sense or golden rules that need to be reminded sometimes if your want more control over your communication charges :

  • Understand your own telephone calling patterns (When do you call ? During the day, night, week-ends, long-distance ?)
  • Ask your providers about promotions they might be running. You won’t know until you ask.
  • Read the fine print. Offers always differ from a provider to another.
  • Beware of additionnal charges (monthly or per-call minimum ?)
  • Be careful of comparison rates in advertisements. They are not always comparing basic offers.
  • Regularly check your phone company web site : offers, plans, promotions should be detailed there.
  • Ask about tie-ins and other discounts
  • Always verify your bills. Mistakes happen. Ask for verification if unsure.
  • Understand restrictions of your plan before you make a long distance telephone call
  • Is it time to go wireless? The wireless phone industry is maturing very quickly, there maybe something suitable for you

Check this page for more details and even an eleventh bonus tip :)

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