Self confidence: 10 boosting tips to become more confident

Do you have an upcoming wedding speech that you are required to give and the mere thought of it makes you weak in the knees? Do you have a meeting, you’re supposed to make a presentation and you’re scared to death? You’re not alone. Sit back and learn how to increase your self-confidence.

  • Prepare First
    Know exactly what you are going to say in your speech and how you want to say it.
  • Be Brief
    Most amateur speakers try to say too much in a single speech. Be concise.
  • Accept The Fact That You Will Be Nervous
    Even the most experienced speakers get nervous. Use that energy to give the delivery of your speech a boost. Walk around a little, if there is sufficient room and use some gestures. Just don’t over do it.
  • Focus On Your Audience And Not Yourself
    Most stage fright is rooted in preoccupation with yourself : “How do I look, how do I sound, Will I mess up” Don’t focus on yourself. Instead, focus on your audience.
  • Practice In Front Of Others
    Practice your presentation in front of supportive audiences like family and friends. It may be uncomfortable at first, but the more times you do it the easier it will become.
  • Visualize Yourself as a Success
    In the days before you present your speech, practice relaxation techniques. Choose a quiet place and lie or sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and try to picture yourself presenting your speech with confidence and thoughtfulness. See yourself clearly as you receive compliments on your presentation.
  • Breathe Deeply
    While you are waiting to begin speaking, take three slow, deep breaths through your nose, filling your abdomen. Breathe out through your mouth and think ‘relax.’
  • Give Yourself Affirmations
    Just before you give a speech, try giving yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself things like, ‘I can do this’ and ‘If I make a mistake, it’s okay, everybody makes mistakes.’ Accept your mistakes as part of life’s learning process.
  • Act Confidently
    Remember that no one knows what is in your presentation. If you make a mistake, no one will know that you messed up.
  • Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously
    If you’ve made an obvious mistake in your speech, acknowledge it with some humor aimed at yourself.

Rinse. Repeat. Getting more confident is not a 5 minute task, it takes some times, but it is definitely possible for everyone.

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