Reasons to share your ghost story

Since I am getting quite a few hits from search engines on a previous article entitled Top 10 haunted hotels in the USA, I thought it would be amusing to do some further research on the subject, and I did find something : reasons why you should share and tell about your own ghost story ! Well, if you have one, of course ;)

  • To Know That Normal, Grounded People Have Stories
    Don’t get isolated by fear of being ostracized or ridiculed by our co-workers, friends and family members. May sounds difficult, but it’s an investment : in the short-run you might be poked fun at by one or two cynical peers, but the long-term benefit might be the rewarding discovery that you are in good company.
  • To Move Discussion Of The Topic Into The Mainstream.
    If more people openly discussed these types of stories, it might stir more interest in the topic in mainstream culture, and make them less unique.
  • To Gain Insight Into Your Experience
    Even if you are doubtful your experience involved a ghost, you can have an interesting discussion about it, and “rework” it.
  • To Talk About Something Other Than Sports Or Weather
    Discussions on ghost stories can be meaningful and profound.
  • To Afford Friends And Loved Ones The Opportunity To Know You Better.
    Reveal deeply personal experiences that reflect your spiritual views and interpretations of life after death can be a key to a meaningful relationship which comes from understanding one another

Read the detail article. Now … if only I had some ghost story to share ! :-)

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