Paid Review : Linkworth

A few months ago, I registered with LinkWorth*, a Text Link Advertising company. I like them so much that I was going to write an article about them, and guess what ? They asked me for a paid review :) Ah, timing !

For advertisers needing to fine tune their Search Engine Marketing, LinkWorth* allows easy and inexpensive link placement. You can browse through their site directory and find what you need about whatever topic you’re in.

For “publishers” (wow, scary word isn’t it ? I’m just your humble blogger after all) LinkWorth* offers an effective way to simply Make Money Online. Text links, as seen right here in my sidebar, are tiny, unobstrusive and rotating through several advertisers. I’m not sure I can disclose the amount of money I get every month from them, so I’ll just say that it’s just a few dollars under a 3 digit figure. Got it ?:)

LinkWorth* is not just about Text Link Advertising: you can also earn money from articles and reviews, like the one you’re currently reading. Could you ask for more ?

*affiliate link. Yes, they also have an affiliate program. Did I say I like them ? :)

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