1CoolFile: lists of sharewares

Steve is launching his brand new site: 1 Cool File. It is a directory of cool files (shareware, freeware, plugins). For example, you can try a new media player after you have just finished a music download. You can add your ebook about making money or a screen saver. That’s not all, it has a section just for blogs (plugins). You can also rate a file or make a review about it. It does support PAD files so tell authors about it.

And just by linking to the contest post, I can win $50. You should read the contest post to win 2 other prizes of $25/each if you don’t have a blog. If your entry is before the next Google page rank, Steve will double the main prize. So, don’t wait to long. It’s coming soon!

And one more thing… You can read Steve’s blog while there.

IM, proxy, privacy or installing software: 10 tips to beat your corporate IT dept.

Reading personal mail from office, installing unauthorized software, blogging during work hours, reading websites your corporate proxy or firewall is blocking… Let’s all admit it: no matter how busy or not, how professional or not, we’re all doing this one day or another. The IT department’s job is of course to make such things hard, if not impossible. Hard, you say? No more! I found a very neat article listing 10 tricks to beat the IT dept guys:
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Great Amazon deals and coupons : up to 90% off !

Amazon is an endless source of deals for anything, ranging from stuff you buy everyday to stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to buy before seeing them :) Here for your shopping convenience, I’ve listed Amazon’s greatest deals, in 29 categories, all of them with bargains from 10% off to 90% off! Enjoy (but watch your budget!)
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10 things that make a great color picker

I recently got my hands on a neat piece of software, and I want it to share what makes, in my opinion, a useful and powerful color picker.
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12 reasons for a budget

There is an interesting article on About.com about budget, budgeting, and how it can improve your life. As usual, sound advices, but these are the kind of advices one need to hear again from time to time. So, why Budget again? Here are twelve good reasons:
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Let’s go to Cozumel, Mexico !

Disclosure: The following post is a paid review. I declined a few paid review proposals over the past few weeks, because of lack of interest in the product, but this time I can’t miss it, since I’m exactly in the middle of planning my summer holidays, and I’ll probably go for some scuba diving to Mexico :)

Cozumel is one of the top notch diving locations in the World. On the Cozumel Mexico page, you’ll find a lot of needed and practical information if you’re planning a trip there, starting with an “at a glance” description, just to be sure you’ll really love this place, and a comprehensive list of hotels and their rates, ranging from $20 to more than $120 a night.

Cozumel beach

Even if diving is not your cup of tea, there seems to be several activities to be enjoyed there, from the beaches to the nightclubs. There’s also an interactive map on the Cozumel Mexico page that will help you locate the place if you’re not familiar with this part of the world’s geography.

What makes Cozumel such a special diving destination is probably its main attraction, the Devil’s Throat, an underwater cave just offshore of Cozumel, considered a “must dive” experience by scuba divers who had a chance to dive there.

I hope I will have the opportunity to do so this summer. See you there ? :)