Let’s go to Cozumel, Mexico !

Disclosure: The following post is a paid review. I declined a few paid review proposals over the past few weeks, because of lack of interest in the product, but this time I can’t miss it, since I’m exactly in the middle of planning my summer holidays, and I’ll probably go for some scuba diving to Mexico :)

Cozumel is one of the top notch diving locations in the World. On the Cozumel Mexico page, you’ll find a lot of needed and practical information if you’re planning a trip there, starting with an “at a glance” description, just to be sure you’ll really love this place, and a comprehensive list of hotels and their rates, ranging from $20 to more than $120 a night.

Cozumel beach

Even if diving is not your cup of tea, there seems to be several activities to be enjoyed there, from the beaches to the nightclubs. There’s also an interactive map on the Cozumel Mexico page that will help you locate the place if you’re not familiar with this part of the world’s geography.

What makes Cozumel such a special diving destination is probably its main attraction, the Devil’s Throat, an underwater cave just offshore of Cozumel, considered a “must dive” experience by scuba divers who had a chance to dive there.

I hope I will have the opportunity to do so this summer. See you there ? :)

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