How to take beautiful pictures : the top 10 tips

There is a pretty cool tip round up on Kodak’s site that enumerates, with insightful examples and counter-examples, the top 10 tips you need to know to master your camera and finally take the beautiful pictures you’ve always dreamt of. Ten tips with ten animated photos, consisting in :

  • Get down on the level of your subject
  • Use a plain background
  • Use flashes outdoor
  • Move in close
  • Take some vertical pictures
  • Lock the focus
  • Move it from the middle
  • Know your flash range
  • Watch the light
  • Be a picture director

This eye-pleasing guide is available in flash (animated) or static html flavor, and for each tip you can dig through more advices and examples. Very nice.

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One Response to “How to take beautiful pictures : the top 10 tips”

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    ~rick Says:

    For my kind of photography,prior planning is #1, and lighting is #2 on the list.
    It is very difficult for me to walk around and just try to find something interesting. I like to visit a site several times, and with each visit, know in advance how I will approach the subject matter…Also, try to not take every sunset you see..pretty…but, pretty played out too…Look in the opposite direction for the effects of the golden light…~rick