Five tips for resumes when you had only one employer

When you’ve worked at only one employer for your whole career, writing a resume that wins interviews may be no easy task. The reason: recruiters may take a dim view of your single-company job history, seeing a lack of opportunity taking. Here are 5 tips to organize your one company resume.

  • Show progression
    Highlight promotions. Job titles should reflect career advancement. And for each position, list your achievements and responsibilities.
  • Show adaptability
    One company ? Show that your jobs were versatile, and that your skills weren’t limited to one type of position.
  • Use numbers
    Quantify your results : amounts of money, stock figures, anything in numbers. “Dollar signs and percentages carry the highest impact”.
  • Group skills together under subheadings
    This is a good way to showcase different areas you’ve worked in, or different achievements.
  • Bolster experience
    If necessary, don’t hesitate to include relevant internships, professional organizations, leadership and civic activities.

All in all, these tips are great and can really make the difference on your resume. Read the full article here .

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