Five tips for chose your first musical instrument

Guitar ? Piano ? Violin ? Strings ? Percussion ? Chosing the first musical instrument, for you or your child, can be a time consuming and headache generating experience. Here are 5 tips to help you chose the right musical instrument.

  • Do some Research
    First, do some research into what the different instruments sound like. Like, go online to find sound clips of different instruments.
  • Try Some Out
    If possible, go to a friend or a shop and ask if you can try the instrument, even just to feel how it feels in your hands. You won’t play a symphony on first try, but you want to feel comfortable.
  • Match with personality and environment
    Chances are the tough football player won’t play the flute. Think about your home environment too : will you be able to play ? Alone or in group ?
  • Think about your budget
    Some instruments take more financial dedication than others. Some requires to be upgraded with time. Some require more lessons.
  • Choose an instrument you imagine enjoying
    Bottom line is : you must imagine yourself, or your kid, enjoy the instrument.

Be sure to read the whole article here. Then, go play some instrument !

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