Ebay method : 13 tips to profit

GetRichSlowly has an interesting list of 13 tips (yes, why always make them 10 after all ?) to more profitable auction on Ebay. Learned from solid seller experience, these thirteen selling tips are :

  • Research the hell out of each item you post
  • Use low starting bids
  • Start your listings on Thursday afternoons and evenings. Run ten-day listings.
  • If needed, pay the extra ten cents to prepare listings in advance and schedule them to start on Thursday evenings
  • Offer free shipping and delivery confirmation
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Craft your auction title with care
  • Write a good description listing the strengths and flaws of your item
  • Be thorough
  • Refuse to accept bids from headaches
  • Take photos and post them in the description
  • Answer questions
  • Be amiable!

This article and its 13 tips is a real gem for serious Ebay sellers. Read it, bookmark it, learn it. And profit :)

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One Response to “Ebay method : 13 tips to profit”

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    JohnJ Says:

    Excellent suggestions.

    May I propose talking to your buyer’s as well. Put yourself in their shoes and you will quickly realize that talking to your potential buyer would greatly increase their confidence in your offer and may fetch 5-10% extra for your item.
    Hmm…but don’t even dare put your real phone number online. Mask it by using FREE http://www.talktrust.com account.

    My 2 cents.