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10 things that make a great color picker

I recently got my hands on a neat piece of software, and I want it to share what makes, in my opinion, a useful and powerful color picker.

The top 10 things you will do with Photoshop CS3

I’m not a graphic designer, I’m just a blogger and amateur photographer, but still, over the years Photoshop has become a tool I couldn’t live without. I started to use it back when it was version 4 or 5, and now Adobe is preparing to ship the latest version, Photoshop CS3. What new killer features […]

Laptop battery life improvements

Infuriated by your laptop battery signal flashing through the screen ? So am I. Via Digg I found a nice article gathering tips on how to save and extend your laptop battery life.

Windows Vista : 5 reasons to hate, 5 reasons to love

The upcoming Windows Vista is, as every Windows product does, dividing the world. Some say it will be an improvement, some say it will add nothing major. As I wanted to make my own opinion, but in the end could not really decide whether I should like or dislike it, here are 5 reasons to […]

5 Google Desktop plugins

Nice list for power users of Google Desktop

Beginner’s guide to burning DVD’s

Friendly how-to for apprentice