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47 ways to get paid to photograph things

Are you into photos? Are you an amateur, semi-pro, or even pro photographer? The Photopreneur has wisely listed nearly 50 topics that could well turn your shooting into money: 47 Things People Will Pay You To Shoot.

Productive things to do at work when you’re bored

Bored at work? Don’t feel like doing your duty? Or just no more work to do and it’s not already time to commute back? Don’t despair. You’re minutes away from having some fun, productive or rewarding time. Or even everything at once.

Great Amazon deals and coupons : up to 90% off !

Amazon is an endless source of deals for anything, ranging from stuff you buy everyday to stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to buy before seeing them :) Here for your shopping convenience, I’ve listed Amazon’s greatest deals, in 29 categories, all of them with bargains from 10% off to 90% off! Enjoy (but […]

12 reasons for a budget

There is an interesting article on about budget, budgeting, and how it can improve your life. As usual, sound advices, but these are the kind of advices one need to hear again from time to time. So, why Budget again? Here are twelve good reasons:

Paid Review : Linkworth

A few months ago, I registered with LinkWorth*, a Text Link Advertising company. I like them so much that I was going to write an article about them, and guess what ? They asked me for a paid review :) Ah, timing !

10 selling tips for online auction and Ebay

Successful selling on Ebay and other online auction sites is no matter of luck : simple and basic discipline is the key to the path of happy customers and happy sellers. When selling your next item, check out this 10 simple advices :