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Self confidence: 10 boosting tips to become more confident

Do you have an upcoming wedding speech that you are required to give and the mere thought of it makes you weak in the knees? Do you have a meeting, you’re supposed to make a presentation and you’re scared to death? You’re not alone. Sit back and learn how to increase your self-confidence.

IM, proxy, privacy or installing software: 10 tips to beat your corporate IT dept.

Reading personal mail from office, installing unauthorized software, blogging during work hours, reading websites your corporate proxy or firewall is blocking… Let’s all admit it: no matter how busy or not, how professional or not, we’re all doing this one day or another. The IT department’s job is of course to make such things hard, […]

How to take beautiful pictures : the top 10 tips

There is a pretty cool tip round up on Kodak’s site that enumerates, with insightful examples and counter-examples, the top 10 tips you need to know to master your camera and finally take the beautiful pictures you’ve always dreamt of. Ten tips with ten animated photos, consisting in :

20 How-To’s for everyday

Neat article from the Independent : they gathered no less than “20 things everyone needs to know”. What does everyone need to know, you may ask? What are those 20 most important things to learn ?