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IM, proxy, privacy or installing software: 10 tips to beat your corporate IT dept.

Reading personal mail from office, installing unauthorized software, blogging during work hours, reading websites your corporate proxy or firewall is blocking… Let’s all admit it: no matter how busy or not, how professional or not, we’re all doing this one day or another. The IT department’s job is of course to make such things hard, […]

Paid Review : Linkworth

A few months ago, I registered with LinkWorth*, a Text Link Advertising company. I like them so much that I was going to write an article about them, and guess what ? They asked me for a paid review :) Ah, timing !

Career management : 10 reasons why you should blog

If you ever need a few arguments to explain why blogs and blogging are not a pointless waste of time, but can be a real bonus for your career, look no further ! Tim Bray hits the points with 10 reasons why blogging can be good for your professional life:

It’s about “Jardinage” as they say

I’m hosting an experimental blog that will be aggregating a few links on a refreshing topic, gardening, or as they say in French, Jardinage.

Chocolate blog !

A sister blog : all about “Chocolat”

Write well : tips for better spelling

A few rules to improve your spelling.