Body language tips : things to avoid

When you run a meeting, or in your every day job, you have to pay attention to your posture, gestures and facial expressions, to control what your body language tells. Here is a short list of simple gestures to get rid of, and what they mean :

  • Avoiding eye contact
    You lack confidence; you are nervous and unprepared.
  • Slouching
    You are unauthoritative; you lack confidence.
  • Fidgeting, rocking or swaying
    You are nervous, unsure or unprepared.
  • Standing in place
    You are rigid, nervous, boring — not engaging or dynamic.
  • Keeping hands in pocket
    You are uninterested, uncommitted or nervous.
  • Using phony gestures
    You are overcoached, unnatural or artificial.
  • Jingling coins, tapping toes & other annoying movements
    You are nervous, unpolished or insufficiently concerned with details.

Head over to the article from AskMen for more details and for the “what you should do instead” tips.

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