About …

… Me

My name is Ariane, I’m 31 and a mother of two. I work as a an online content professionnal for several medium sized online companies, and I am interested in various topics concerning online technologies, ranging from design to programming. I wish I was an expert in all these things :)

… This site

When surfing the internet, I often find valueable stuff that I used to bookmark. Bookmarking is nice, but I also wanted to share, so I decided to start this weblog.

What I like about lists is that they are quickly read, keep things succint while content rich, easy to remember. That’s why I decided to commit myself to the <ul> tag :)

… this design

My blog layout is based on Kubrick, reworked as a three column layout. It started off as a customization of Liewcf’s Three Columns Kubrick and finally turned out as something different.

The color palette I chose has been created by Jennifer and is entitled Geek 110. I like what this girl does :)