A very good Ebay FAQ

There is a brilliant collection of frequently asked questions concerning Ebay and selling sites over at Cribnotes. Every question every seller has wondered once is answered with smart comments and suggestions. Those questions are :

  • How should I set my starting price?
  • When is the best time to start my auction?
  • Should I use “Buy It Now”?
  • Should I set a reserve price?
  • Should I offer free shipping?
  • How much should I charge for shipping?
  • Should I purchase additional listing features like a second category, bold, gallery, etc.?
  • Is the 10-day auction a waste of money?
  • Should I ship internationally?
  • Should I post a photo of my item?
  • Should I offer a return policy?
  • Should I accept personal checks?
  • Should I use PayPal?
  • Should I email the bidder to confirm when I’ve shipped his item?
  • Should I buy shipping insurance?
  • When should I leave feedback?
  • Should I leave negative feedback for deadbeat bidders?
    • This article is a real must read for every beginner seller, and even experienced Ebayers will probably find sound comments there. Read it now or be sorry !

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