5 tips to leave an employer

Driving your career to its best may imply that one day or another, you will have to leave your employer. Be careful: what happens during that transition could make or break your career reputation. So, here are five smart tips that will keep your reputation bright.

  • Break the news during a low-stress time
    For example during a peaceful lunch, or maybe at the end of a good day. Chose your moment, and tell your boss in person, not by phone or, even worse, by email. Be also sure to give plenty of notice, if possible.
  • Finish the job
    If you’re on a project, work hard to finish it. If you’re being replace, work hard to coach the new person.
  • Don’t be a short-timer
    Don’t arrive late, don’t go early, don’t take long breaks, don’t surf the internet during work hours.
  • Take care of legal issues
    Find out if the company is willing to confirm your employment, your position and whether the current employer will talk about your job performance. Be aware of restraint clauses. Know what’s in your pension or 401(k) fund before you leave.
  • Say goodbye graciously
    Cake ceremony, after-work dinner or even a roast ? Accept.

Indeed, be sure to say goodbye the efficient way. Via.

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