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Productive things to do at work when you’re bored

Bored at work? Don’t feel like doing your duty? Or just no more work to do and it’s not already time to commute back? Don’t despair. You’re minutes away from having some fun, productive or rewarding time. Or even everything at once.

Top 10 most wanted car gadgets

Research group Gartner Inc. conducted this summer a study to determine the most wanted car gadgets: what electronic devices and more do you want to stuff you car with ?

1CoolFile: lists of sharewares

Steve is launching his brand new site: 1 Cool File. It is a directory of cool files (shareware, freeware, plugins). For example, you can try a new media player after you have just finished a music download. You can add your ebook about making money or a screen saver. That’s not all, it has a […]