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Career management : 10 reasons why you should blog

If you ever need a few arguments to explain why blogs and blogging are not a pointless waste of time, but can be a real bonus for your career, look no further ! Tim Bray hits the points with 10 reasons why blogging can be good for your professional life:

Weight loss : 10 simple tips

There’s always a good moment in life to decide going on a diet, and doing so is not all that mind stressing and difficult if you don’t forget the basics of it. “I’ll pump you” has another excellent article you should read again and again everytime you’re starting another short or long diet : a […]

10 reasons to drink… water !

Water. Plain water. Unmodified water. Pure water. You know it is the best thing to drink, even if we all tend to forget it. But hey, exactly, why is it so good ? Anyone remember the basics of Health 101 ?

The top 10 reasons why people quit their jobs

A job consultant took some time to list the top 10 reasons why workers would quit their jobs, and the results are quite stunning. Check by yourself :

It’s about “Jardinage” as they say

I’m hosting an experimental blog that will be aggregating a few links on a refreshing topic, gardening, or as they say in French, Jardinage.