13 tips for better pictures with camera phones

The exciting thing with camera phones is you can take pictures quicky, everywhere, all the time. The frustrating thing is that more often than I’d like, pictures I take are quite… bad. From blogging star Darren Rowse, I’ve found 13 tips for improving your camera phone pictures.

  • Be sure subjects are well lit
  • Get close. Closer.
  • Keep your camera STILL
  • Edit images later
  • Don’t throw away ‘mistakes’ before reviewing them on a proper PC screen
  • Don’t use the digital zoom
  • Experiment with white balance
  • Take loads of pictures. Experiment.
  • Follow “Rules of Composition” and then break them
  • Keep your lens clean
  • Observe “Camera Phone Etiquette”
  • Rename your images
  • Use the highest resolution possible on your camera phone

Read more tips and details here.

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