12 reasons for a budget

There is an interesting article on About.com about budget, budgeting, and how it can improve your life. As usual, sound advices, but these are the kind of advices one need to hear again from time to time. So, why Budget again? Here are twelve good reasons:

A budget …

  • helps you reach your goals
  • lets you control your money instead of the other way round
  • will tell you if you’re living within your means
  • can help you meet your savings goals
  • frees up spare cash
  • helps your entire family focus on common goals
  • helps you prepare for emergencies
  • can improve your marriage and your relationships
  • reveals areas where you’re spending too much money
  • can keep you out of debt (or help you get out of debt)
  • actually creates extra money
  • helps you sleep better at night

The whole read will surely convince you. So now, begin budgeting damnit ! :)

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