10 Things Star Wars R2D2 Mobile Entertainment System can do

Star Wars fanboys, Princess Leia lovers, and geeks of all kind, prepare to wet your underwears. Nikko Home Electronics is releasing the coolest multimedia device ever built : the Star Wars R2D2 Mobile Entertainment System. How cool is is ? Cooler than what you ever dreamt of :

  • it’s a CD/DVD player
  • it’s a DVD projector
  • it’s an integrated speaker system (Stereo and Surround)
  • it’s a FM radio
  • it’s a digital music and media player (WMA, MP3, MP4, JPEG, VCD, SVCD)
  • it’s a memory card reader
  • it’s an USB peripheral
  • it’s an iPod dock
  • it has a Millenium Falcon remote
  • it has safety sensors (no falling down the stairs)

Stop drooling ! Start saving now the ~ $2500 you will need to get this baby home.

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