10 selling tips for online auction and Ebay

Successful selling on Ebay and other online auction sites is no matter of luck : simple and basic discipline is the key to the path of happy customers and happy sellers. When selling your next item, check out this 10 simple advices :

  • Research its demand on ebay.
  • Start a new listing.
  • Make sure the auction closes on a Sunday.
  • Make sure the item ends in the evening.
  • Start the bidding low.
  • Avoid a reserve.
  • Use bullets. Everybody love lists :)
  • Put at least one picture and use the gallery!
  • Spell check your title!
  • Imagine your 10th own secret tip. Every seller has one. Invent yours !

I bet you, if you would come over any of your previous selling, you would pinpoint one or more of these tips that were not met. There is always some room left for improvement, particularly in the field of online selling where competition is harsh.

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One Response to “10 selling tips for online auction and Ebay”

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