10 budgeting tips that make a good budget

Budgeting : everybody does or wants to do it. But it’s not as easy as it may sound. Is your budget realistic? What makes a good budget ? About.com has 10 wise tips that will tell you if you’re on track and if your budget is a good budget :

  • Categories that fit your personal situation and your spending habits.
  • Accurate income projections.
  • The right number of categories: not too broad, but not too specific
  • Inclusion of expenses that don’t occur on a monthly basis
  • Regular review of categories.
  • Cash expenditure tracking and recording.
  • A line item for savings.
  • Realistic written goals.
  • Identification of spending patterns.
  • Internal motivation and a positive attitude.

Read the complete list and details here, then review your personal budget to see how it matches.

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